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Cold Press homogeniser is a piece of laboratory or industrial equipment used for the homogenisation of various types of material, such as Hemp. Many different models have been developed using various physical technologies for disruption. High pressure homogenisation is a mechanical process that works to reduce particle size or to lyse cells. Essentially, a liquid is forced at high pressure through a very narrow nozzle. ... As the liquid enters the homogeniser nozzle, there is a sharp drop in pressure, causing cavitation. This is how Greenheart's CBD is made using the best methods, without any solvents or any harsh chemicals.
Meet the Greenheart CBD Team

Greenheart CBD is an Irish owned company with a vision to bring the finest Irish made Sustainable products from seed to shelf. The company is the first CBD producer to embed cutting edge technology at the heart of their business - including Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence and pioneering drone technology. To give you the most effective CBD products for the end consumer with full traceability from seed to shelf.

The Future of CBD is Here, ZenaDrone.

We are working on some new projects in order to get the best quality from our plants. Partner company, ZenaDrone, who are developing a beta test for new technology which uses artificial technology to track plant health. We are currently developing a Hemp tracking and compliance platform for retailers, manufacturers, cultivators and government inspectors. ZenaDrone currently provide simple solutions for Hemp-related businesses that include tracking plants from seed to sale and processing payments.

Irish Independent's 30 under 30

Greenheart CBD gets into the best and brightest of Ireland's rising business stars from AI to milking sheep, some of the youthful leaders of our most exciting firms gathered at Dublin’s Dean Hotel to meet Sean Pollock

CEO & Co Founder

Mark Canavan is an accredited businessman coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Mark has been involved in many ventures from catering to retail. He is the founder of HaloMunchies, a charity based vending machine company. This operates successfully with a nation-wide distribution network while continuously donating to charity. ​ Mark has a keen interest in health and wellbeing and through his positive personal experience with CBD and keen interest in herbal remedies decided to embark on this project.

CSO & Co Founder

From the heart of Ireland, Paul Walsh brings his warm and energetic personality to the GreenHeart team as the Original Dreamer and Co-Founder his extensive community volunteerism and his wide network of leaders in the crypto and Sustainable industries make him well suited to the Growing issues in todays world. Paul is currently one of Irelands Thought Leaders in technology innovation and sustainability. He’s also Adviser on multiple Blockchain projects that's to successfully navigate the crypto space with helpful education into projects and the technology.

Shane Brett - Greentech Holdings Limited - CEO

Shane Brett is one of Europe’s leading FinTech entrepreneurs. He has created multiple technology companies and consultancies globally and personally raised over $3.5m from leading institutional and VC investors in the US, Europe, Abu Dhabi, and APAC. Shane has directly created over US$12m in value for early stage institutional seed investors - including doubling one FinTech valuation in 8 months - and then again 6 months later.






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