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Greenheart CBD – Building a global brand through tokenized innovation

2020 has been a very difficult year for many people. The uncertainty and fear caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and its impact on the economy, have meant people have started to look at alternative products to help manage stress and anxiety. One of the areas that has seen a huge increase in interest has […]

Greenheart PUNT – The worlds first tokenized CBD asset

The Greenheart PUNT is the first digital asset to tokenize CBD. The company behind the token  – Greenheart CBD – is one of Europe’s leading licensed producers, and a leading proponent of advanced AI and blockchain technology in their CBD production process.    Each PUNT token represents a stake in the reserve of Greenhearts full spectrum CBD oil (currently […]

Benefits of Hemp Oil

Benefits of Hemp Oil The rise of Cannabidiol (CBD) products has drawn a great deal of attention to the hemp plant, but hemp offers much more than just this phytocannabinoid. Hemp is an incredibly versatile and useful plant; it has applications in a wide range of industries from textiles to biofuel, as well as personal […]

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