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Greenheart Coffee Essentials Set

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Organic Flax Seed CBD Oil

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Greenheart CBD launching Mobile App

Friday, November 12th marks the official launch of the Greenheart CBD mobile app, initially available on Google Play, with the App Store to follow shortly.

Using the Greenheart CBD mobile app, individuals looking to purchase Greenheart CBD products will be able to avail of a 40% discount when they use $CBD tokens. Retailers will have the ability to purchase Greenheart CBD products in bulk.

Utilizing a live global map, Greenheart partner farmers can set up their shops in their respective areas and populate them with the Greenheart products they grow and produce. As we continue to expand, customers will have the option to support their local farmers and economy.

Welcoming new Greenheart partners is easier than ever with the mobile app farmer portal. Farmers can submit an application for verification to receive everything they need to switch to CBD farming. This includes seeds, drones, modular extraction units, and packaging as well as ongoing training and expertise.

Staking pools with significant APY will enable the community to fund potential partner farms. The Greenheart family can simultaneously invest in and support farmers around the world with just a few clicks.

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  Where to Buy Greenheart CBD Oil

GreenHeart CBD

The Best Place To Buy CBD Oil Ireland

There are numerous reasons why Greenheart CBD is the best place to buy CBD oil in Ireland. Firstly, as a 100% Irish owned company, with the full growth of the hemp plant crops and production of the oil being in Ireland, quality is assured and we can say with 100% confidence, that our CBD product are hands down, the best on the whole Island of Ireland. Secondarily, we use the most advanced technology on the planet to ensure that the plants and production facilities are best in class. We developed this project to serve the people of Ireland and bring about a new epoch in pain relief via natural sources. Don’t believe us, read the reviews below to see why Greenheart is the best place to buy CBD Oil Ireland.

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Hemp Seed

CBD Oil Ireland

The advent of CBD OIL Ireland has gained traction in recent years with the promise of access finally being provided by the Irish government, after a long hard-fought fight. CBD Oil has been long associated with many benefits such as CBD oil for pain relief for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia and others. The stigmas associated with CBD OIL Ireland which have been gained over years of bad press which has been generated through lobbying by pharmaceutical companies, has finally been recognised as being untrue. Due to this, many Irish people now can buy cbd products and take full benefit from the amazing attributes of the hemp plant.

Organic CBD Oil

Best Places To Buy CBD Oil Ireland

There are numerous places to buy CBD Oil Ireland and we are happy to help you check out the competition because we have full faith in our products 100%. Top 10 CBD Ireland places to buy:
Greenheart CBD

Holland and Barret
DR. Hempme
CBD Store
123 CBD
Cold Pressed CBD

Organic Full Spectrum CBD

Greenheart CBD brings you the best organic full spectrum CBD in Ireland. Greenheart CBD uses only organic CBD to produce our CBD oils. We use the most natural and effective extraction methods to ensure our CBD oil is of the best quality CBD oil in Ireland. Greenheart CBD grows our CBD oil in Ireland on organic lands in counties Wicklow, Meath, Offaly and Westmeath. All farmers that Greenheart CBD work with hold an organic certification from the Department on Agriculture. Greenheart Organic Full Spectrum CBD oil is a whole plant extract, Greenheart's full spectrum CBD oil contains a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils. The most important of the cannabinoids present in the CBD oil is cannabidiol.

Hemp Seed

From Seed to Shelf CBD

Greenheart CBD uses new technology to provide the consumer with fully traceable and CBD oils. This allows us to show our consumers full transparency in the process. At Greenheart CBD our farms use drone technology to record the plant health through the growing phase of the organic crop. This allows us to monitor and trace the plant right through the growing, processing and manufacturing chains. We are developing and linking a QR code system which will be on each of our products linking the consumer to the farm in which the CBD crop was originally grown on.

Organic CBD Oil

The Finest Organic CBD Crops

Greenheart CBD only use certified organic crops. CBD oils are derived from hemp. Hemp cultivation is majorly beneficial to not only the environment but also the land in which it is being grown. It regenerates the soil and adds properties to it unlike other crops absorb the nutrients that are held in the soil. Greenheart CBD are dedicated to the focus on organic farming. Chemicals are often used in the farming industry to enhance growth and profitability of the farm without considering the health implications that they can have on the end consumer of the products. Here at Greenheart CBD we only work with certified organic farms to ensure that this is not the case.

Cold Pressed CBD

Homogenised Cold-press CBD Extraction Methods

Greenheart CBD are very proud of our extraction methods. We use a 'Homogenised Cold-Press' this form of extraction allows us to be classed as a food supplement and to stay outside of the parameters of the Novel Food Act. Using our patented extractions machinery it allows us to keep all of the characteristics of the whole plant in the CBD oil that we produce. This includes the cannabiniods, terpenes, flavors and aromas making our CBD oil more effective. We have been inundated with compliments about the quality and effectiveness of our CBD oils.

Greenheart CBD Food

CBD Edibles

Greenheart CBD is bringing out a range of CBD Edibles in 2021. This range of CBD edibles will initially include CBD popcorn in 3 flavours (seaweed/ turmeric, black pepper and lemon/ Sweet and Salty). Another range of fully natural plant based protein powders; these protein powder will come with 3 bases Hempseed/ Rapeseed/ Flaxseed. All of our edible range will consist of fully natural products. We plan to expand this range out and include other CBD and hemp products including CBD bars, CBD cookies and CBD gummies. Our Research and Development department is working hard to ensure the development of the best CBD Edibles on the market.

Organic CBD Cosmetics

CBD Cosmetics

Greenheart CBD have a range of Cosmetic CBD Products coming to market in 2021. We have partnered with a leading skincare and natural cosmetics product developer to ensure that we bring the most effective, natural and organic cosmetic CBD products to the global market. We are using only natural butters, seed oils and other natural ingredients in our products. Niamh Byrne has been developing natural cosmetic for 20 years and is fully certified in the cosmetics space. Customers have gives great reports of the benefits experienced from these products in helping with joint pain, muscle pain, skin irritations and much more.

CBD Pets

CBD for Pets

Greenheart CBD have been asked to expand out our range to include an animal CBD range, so we have! Our CBD animal supplement is made from a special blend of our with or hempseed oil. Hempseed oil has been seen to have some great benefits for joint and skin issues in animals. CBD oil for dogs, CBD oil for cats and CBD oil for horses all in one bottle of Greenheart CBD oil. Currently, there has been no formal study on how CBD affects dogs. What scientists do know is that cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous systems, which help maintain balance in the body and keep it in a normal healthy state.

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