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Molly & Joshua Our Autism & Down Syndrome Journey with RSVP

Molly & Joshua Our Autism & Down Syndrome Journey with RSVP

Carlow mum of three Rhona Cullinan tells how she 'got her little boy back' after CBD eased autism symptoms


she voiced her concern at the lack of progress on the medical cannabis bill in Ireland.

"Another point of the bill is that cannabis is a last resort," she said.

"So a parent must spend years using pharmaceutical prescriptions on their children, and for all avenues to be exhausted before cannabis is even considered as a possibility.

"A balance must be found where parents are given a choice of either organic treatment, pharmaceutical treatment or a combination of both."

Joshua is now four years old and doing really well. Because Charlotte's Web is no longer available in Europe, they switched to an Irish oil called Greenheart CBD and are seeing even more positive developments.


Cannabium & Greenheart CBD

Cannabium & Greenheart CBD
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