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Greenheart CBD named in Top 3 CBD "Product of the Year" at inaugural Cannavist Awards

par Shane brett sur November 23, 2020

Greenheart CBD, the leading licensed Irish CBD producer, is delighted to announce that in its very first year of operation, it has been named in the Top 3 CBD Products of the Year by The Cannavist Magazine.

The Cannavist is the leading magazine for the CBD industry in the UK and Ireland. 2020 is the inaugural year for its CBD awards, which covered the full range of CBD related products on the market - from edibles and skincare, to tinctures and petcare.

Greenheart CBD was founded two years ago in Ashbourne, County Meath and was formed two years ago by childhood friends Mark Canavan and Paul Walsh. The company produces a full range of CBD oils - and shortly - edibles and balms to the retail market. 

Although Greenheart only began selling its CBD oils in January 2020, it already has over 1,500 customers, a customer return rate three times the industry average and over seventy trusted 5 star reviews on its website. 

Before launching Greenheart, Paul and Mark spent years researching extraction methods to produce the most effective CBD products, for the end consumer with full traceability from seed to shelf. The company is the first CBD producer to use the full scope of “CBD Tech” in hemp cultivation. This includes Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Blockchain technology at each stage of the planting, harvesting, production and retailing process. 

Greenheart Token 

The company is launching its own product token on December 1st - the Greenheart Token - which will trade on the LAToken exchange and allow its tokenholders to access its products at the greatest possible discounts on its new dApps platform. 

The Greenheart token is being backed by a real commodity - 1,000 liters of Greenheart’s CBD oil in year 1 (with a retail value $4 million US dollars) - allowing token holders to redeem their tokens directly for Greenheart CBD oil. 

The company also plans to continue deploying pioneering CBD Tech and cold press extraction, while also launching an Innovation Centre to teach farmers and the wilder public about the benefits of growing hemp and sustainable crops in Ireland.