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Greenheart PUNT – The worlds first tokenized CBD asset

The Greenheart PUNT is the first digital asset to tokenize CBD. The company behind the token  – Greenheart CBD – is one of Europe’s leading licensed producers, and a leading proponent of advanced AI and blockchain technology in their CBD production process.   

Each PUNT token represents a stake in the reserve of Greenhearts full spectrum CBD oil (currently 1,000 liters and valued at $4 million). One hundred PUNT tokens represents 2.5 ml of CBD oil. Tokenholders are protected from downswings in the token price because each token represents a claim on the companies CBD oil – and is fully redeemable for discounted CBD products at a value of 10 cents on the Greenheart dApps marketplace.

The PUNT token began trading on the DigiFinex Exchange in Singapore on December 2nd. The token price has grown quickly from its issue price of 0.10 (10 cents) USDT, to its current price of around 25 cents. 

The response from the market to a “CBD Stablecoin with potential upside” has been uniformly positive, particularly from investors who want exposure to crypto as a growing asset class, but protection from the wild swings typical of many crypto assets.

The resurgence of interest in crypto and the entrance of more sophisticated institutional players, has led to a demand for digital assets offering real utility, upside growth potential and an underlying commodity value, to allow investors to hedge against crypto volatility.

The CBD industry is well placed to provide this growth. The market is enjoying rapid expansion worldwide, as numerous countries loosen rules on CBD production and CBD products gain familiarity and market acceptance. 

However direct CBD investment opportunities remain rare and only a handful of CBD companies are traded on public stock markets.

Greenheart CBD are in a position to offer this tokenized asset because (unlike many CBD suppliers), Greenheart grows all their own CBD produce in Ireland –  from initial planting, monitoring with AI drones and utilizing Big Data analysis during production.

The company is one of only a few end-to-end “seed to shelf” CBD producers, styling itself as “the brown bread of the CBD world”, due its unique Homogenized Cold-press Extraction Method which ensures the CBD retains all its original flavor, atoms and quality.

The Greenheart PUNT is the first CBD project in the world to tokenize the commodity for the global community, allowing tokenholders to enjoy the benefit of upside growth, while using the CBD oil as a price floor to protect the PUNT community from price volatility. 

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