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The Future of CBD is Here, ZenaDrone.

Greenheart CBD are partnered with ZenaDrone who are a leading technology development company based out of Vancouver, Canada. DR. Shaun Passley works very closely with Greenheart CBD to run the BETA test for the new software being developed and run through the AI drones to track the plant health. Greenheart CBD are using this technology to ensure that we can grow the highest quality hemp in order to produce premium bespoke CBD oil, CBD edibles and CBD Cosmetics for the global markets. This technology will also help us to keep track of the raw hemp material that we grow and allow us to show customers our seed to sale model with full traceability.

Homogenised Cold Press Extraction - Low Energy - High Quality

Firstly, cold pressed and cold extraction refers to oils that aren’t heated over 27°C/80°F during processing, thus retaining more of their nutrients. In Ireland cold pressed CBD oil is made by pressing hemp into CBD oil in a more traditional way

There are a multitude of ways and methods to extract CBD oil. They all have positives and negatives depending on what the expectation is on the final product. Some methods use chemical solvents to extract oils and other methods would use high temperatures to extract the oils. Based on favourability for Greenheart CBD, cold pressing was the preferred route to take. This is a popular method which involves crushing the plant matter (seed, leaves, stems, and flowers) which allows the extraction of usable oil. The percentage of oil is higher than other methods that we have tested.

The cold-pressing process, as the name suggests is done through low temperatures. The plant material is fed into the basin of the machine and a rotating screw mechanism crushes the plant material and pushes it forcefully through the press, extracting the oil. The oil is then collected at the bottom of the cylinder. With the cold press procedure comes the fact that as the plant material is not heated excessively, it is not depleted as much as the hotter extraction methods. The hotter the matter is the softer it becomes, and the more oil can be extracted from it. However, quantity is not quality. The cold press system draws a quality extract overall. Cold pressed oils that have been used in this method of extraction are seen to taste better and have a better aroma.

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