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Greenheart Punt - Token Economics


● The company has minted 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) Greenheart Punt tokens.

● The December 2nd 2020 issue price of 1 PUNT token was 10 US cents ($0.10). The
token is an ERC-20 token.

● On December 21st 2020 the PUNT token was trading at 25 US cents. The rise in
the PUNT token price provides Token Holders with a significant discount to
Greenheart CBD products (75% at the December 21st price).

● The project will release 200,000,000 tokens to the community each year for the
next 5 years.

● The token has initially been listed on leading digital asset exchange DigiFinex in

● The initial 200,000,000 Greenheart Punt tokens have being backed by 1,000 liters
of Greenheart’s CBD oil (with an approximate retail value $4 million US dollars) -
allowing token holders to redeem their tokens for Greenheart CBD oil if they wish.

● Each year, the tokens will be issued as follows:
○ Community Sale - 40,000,000
○ Advisors & operational costs - 10,000,000
○ Team - 150,000,000
○ Tokens held in reserve for years 2 to year 5 - 800,000,000

● The reserved tokens will be released on December 1st each year (200,000,000 per
year) and will be backed each year by at least 1,000 liters of Greenheart CBD oil.
These remaining Greenheart Punt tokens will be kept in reserve to enable future
project growth and community expansion.

● The 1,000 liters of CBD oil will be insured by the company for a value of

● The PUNT project is planning to provide tokenholders with a regular token
dividend, based on the future profits generated by Greenheart CBD, thereby
providing tokenholders with a true DeFi return over time.

● The project is also planning to launch a PUNT Reward Scheme for the community
(e.g. 1 PUNT for every 10 ml CBD product purchase), based on the volume of CBD
purchased on the Greenheart CBD website and on our Decentralized Marketplace.

● The token issuer is a company based in the BVI. It is a majority owned subsidiary
of Greenheart CBD, the Irish parent company.

● The funds raised will be used to expand the Greenheart CBD product range,
increase brand recognition and sales worldwide, deploy leading AI drone
technology and grow the Greenheart Punt community globally.

● These growth plans includes: -
○ Expand the project and cultivation of CBD globally.
○ Become the recognized “CBDTech” market leader worldwide.
○ Expand the Greenheart CBD community for all our token holders.
○ Purchase new land for future CBD production.
○ Build a state-of-the-art Hemp Decortication Plant.
○ This will allow Greenheart to produce other materials from the hemp plant
such as textiles, insulation, hempcrete, bioplastics and supercapacitor
○ Expand imminently into multiple new, high potential growth product lines.
These include housing insulation, CBD edibles, and cosmetics.
○ Developing “first in industry” new pioneering CBDTech technology and


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Instantly buy Greenheart goods and services with cryptocurrencies.


Peer to peer transactions, without middlemen fees. 

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2 billion people around the world are currently unbanked.
They do not have checking accounts, credit cards, AliPay, or Apple Pay.
With the advent of cryptocurrencies and the proliferation of inexpensive smartphones, now is the time to enable the unbanked to participate in the new Internet economy. Users from all over the world are now able to transact with each other on Greenheart Punt marketplaces even if they do not have stable, local banking systems.

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DeFi Marketplace - PUNT Shop

Decentralized Unlike centralized alternatives, they are not single points of failure and can't be banned or shut down. Decentralized commerce is more resilient and promotes efficient markets.

Part One of our token is our dApps store accepting the punt at market price for our products.

Part Two of the PUNT token is live trading and liquid meaning you can exchange back to other currencies  through a secondary market creating a store of value but also allowing customers to buy the PUNT to receive these potentially huge discounts.

Part Three of the Greenheart Punt is our mobile app wallet and store giving customers a place to store their Punt but also to receive the rewards like Punt back program and the punt staking pool to receive part of Greenhearts overall profits.



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