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Are you interested in becoming an approved retailer of Greenheart CBD products?

We offer wholesale pricing structures to any company looking to stock our CBD products.

We offer all our stockists:The highest quality products that stand out in the market.

Support team for any queries that you may have in relation to our products or offers.​

We provide lab test certificates for every batch produced.

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What our customers are saying...

“I started off with 2 bottles of CBD oil for sale.
💚 Now in storage I have enough CBD oil to supply NI. Thank You  Greenheart CBD”

— Emma McMullan-CEO

“Jennifer told me since starting Canna Bears CBD oil her dog Finn

•NO LONGER shows Fear / Anxiety/ Aggression• towards other dogs and this was Finns behaviour the previous 10 years. 😲 She wishes she started Finn on the oil sooner..”

— Canna bears CBD - pet range 

“A premium hand crafted oil produced in Ireland and delivered at your doorstep. Lucky Charms’ CBD wouldn't be here without the help of Greenheart CBD.”

— LuckycharmsCBD - CEO

Noah Organics is a Dublin based company focusing on bringing balance to the body and mind of our Furry Friends - our pets.

- Rob Kelly CEO


Luxury Biohacking Skincare Products
‘Clearer Balanced Glowing Skin’
Hyperpigmentaion • Acne • Keratosis Pilaris • Hirsutism

-Gee Williams CEO

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