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Greenheart CBD Oil - Animal CBD Oil 2.5% 10ml - Greenheart
Greenheart CBD Oil - Animal CBD Oil 2.5% 10ml - Greenheart
Animal CBD Oil 2.5% 10ml
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Animal CBD Oil 2.5% 10ml


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Greenheart CBD oil for animals is using a special blend of our 2.5% Hemp Seed CBD oil. 

Greenheart CBD oil contains 0% THC.

This oil can be used on animals such as cats and dogs. Our reviews have shown the benefits that Greenheart CBD oil is having on these animals have been life-changing. 


Recommended Dosage: 6.5mg of CBD per 10kg of animal’s body weight

(0.3ml = 6.5mg Approx. 0.05ml per drop) 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Catherine Mcnulty

Animal CBD Oil 2.5% 10ml

Orla McLaughlin
Great product

I give this to my dogs daily and definitely see a difference in their anxiety. Would love if it came in a bigger bottle.

Moira Plowman

Absolutely brilliant for my dog with back problems. Everyone has commented on the difference in him. My only complaint is i wish i could buy it in a largrr size.

Natalie Coughtrie

Greenheart CBD Oil - Animal CBD Oil 2.5% 10ml

Eve Viljoen
Greenheart CBD for Animals

Let's just say; either my dog and the vet are in a partnership - where the vet gets a regular income because of scripted meds, from diagnosing my 14yr old Jack Russell with an in-operable liver tumour in September 2020 with a prognosis of not making it to Christmas 2020, and the hound has been living off roast beef and pretty much anything else he wants that is low fat OR....
CBD oil being added to his medical regime from November 2020 has been the life supporting and saving addition to his diet that he's needed...
I know what my conclusion is...I highly recommend this product.